Schools and Organizations

The primary mission of the company is to provide affordable transportation for athletic trips, field trips, and special events.  Please contact us if you would like a quote.

Your Bus

We are pleased to be piloting a service to provide school transportation to families not usually eligible.  Please click here to learn more. 

Charters / Rentals

We are glad to make our buses available for use by the general public.  School buses are an economical answer for moving large groups of people.  Please think of us for business outings, shuttle needs, and your next special event.  If your group has a destination in mind, please contact us with a description of your event so that we can start a quote. 


Daily Transportation

Charter Schools and Schools of Choice offer unprecedented logistical challenges.  Neuville Coach can operate in partnership with schools and parents to resolve these issues.  No time is too early to start planning for the 2015-16 school year. 


Film, Photography

Neuville Coach has vintage units available that complement period-correct movie sets or photography.