Just because your school has no buses or you live outside of the busing area, does not mean you cannot have yellow bus service.  Neuville Coach can provide that service by interfacing direct with your family. 

Imagine for a moment all the schools in your area that are not a typical public school with neighborhood attendance areas.  In the Lapeer area where our buses park, there are at least three.  In the nearby Flint area, that number exceeds ten.  Then count all the public schools that attract School of Choice students from areas not eligible for in-house transportation.  That adds up to a lot of parents waiting in school drop-off lines!  Instead of those extra cars on the road, we should be encouraging the economical, environmentally-friendly, and safe mode of transport that is the yellow school bus. 


Here is why this makes sense:

  • Any private/charter/magnet school draws multiple students from the any one of the towns surrounding it.
  • Most towns have more than one private, charter, or magnet school.
  • Neuville Coach can facilitate a cooperative bus service between these schools and the families wanting buses. 

How would this look?

  • A Neuville Coach school bus would be routed through as many towns as an agreeable schedule allows, picking up students from all participating families along that route.
  • That school bus would then head on to a town that is home to multiple elective schools, stopping at each of those schools to discharge its riders.

How do we begin?

  • Send us an email or private Facebook message.  Include your school, preferred pick-up point, number of riders, and parent contact.  Do not include student names just yet!  Your information will be held in confidence. 
  • When we have gathered enough data to start a route, we will plot the most efficient path and quote your family a price for the service.
  • When the service is up and running, additional students and schools are always welcome to join.  This can only help to reduce the cost to those participating. 


Just because you send your kids to an out of area school, does not mean you cannot still have a yellow bus stop at your house!  Contact us today! 

No bus service at your school?  Let Neuville Coach serve your family direct.